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SUMMER is comig to an end.

My class schedule for '05:

1st period - C121 Chemistry
2nd period - Z-1 Spanish 2
3rd period - B109 U.S. History
4th period - T-40 Geometry
5th period - S-6 Filmmaking
6th period - B215 American Literature

Anyone have anything with me?

I'm excited for school to start up (kind of), and then again i'm kind of sad that summer is coming to an end.
It looks as if I am going to Disneyland for that final family vacation, just not sure when it is yet.
Most likely not next week, but the last week of summer before school starts.
School starts the 6th of September... for some reason some people thought we started the 9th.
Psh! I wish!
I'm dead tired and extremely bored.
If anyone gets bored over these next few weeks of summer that are left, get in touch with me.

Screen name: A x Dead x End


Cell Phone Number: {8.1.8}

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