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Summer has been ok.
Boring is pretty much all I can describe it.
Last night Rachel (my russian bitch), Taylor (my cake whore lover), Jordan (my Azn mermaid killer), and Kathryn (my partner in crime) came over.
We pretty much had a tampon fight.
Fucking Taylor... I realized after he left that there was a tampon on my ceiling in my bathroom.
School's in 3 weeks and i'm excited.
Starting over and a new year.
I'm leaving all the damn drama behind.
So it looks like my parents are planning for them, my sister, and I to go on one last trip before school.
They said either Disneyland for 3 day's, and maybe San Diego and Sea World.
Or we're going up to Monterey and Hursts (or however you spell it) Castle.
I haven't been to Monterey since I went when I was 8 with Madison and my family.
But i'd rather go to Disneyland and all that.
Who wants to come?
Anyways, if anyone ever gets bored then IM me: A x Dead x End
Or call my cell {8.1.8}

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