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Boring Summer.

It's been about 2 weeks since my last update.
Geogia was fucking awesome except I fucked up my shoulder and my cousin is the biggest hick I have ever met, but I still love him.
The funny thing is, my younger cousin isn't as big of a hick as my older cousin, AHAHAHA!
Since i've been back Jon and I broke up, went to a hookah bar with 9 girl's and 1 boy *cough*Jordan*cough*
Last night I saw The Island which was pretty good, but weird and long.
Went with Kathryn, but I ended up seeing Sam, Taylor, and Lindsey there which was cool.
Other then that done nothing really.
And it's really fucking hot in my house!
My summer sucks!
I wanna go to the beach.
Beach anyone?
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