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Friday I did nothing.
Then all day Saturday I did nothing, until I asked my parents if Cheyne could come over.
They let him and my parents weren't home cuz they wen't to dinner with friend's.
We watched Ju-On with Ceci (my neighbor and mom's best friend), played PS2, talked, and ran around.
Then yesterday was boring until Cheyne and I went and saw White Noise.
It was ok.
Then after the movie we ended up seeing Anna and her friend, so we hung with them a lil bit.
Then Cheyne and I walked around, and saw Anna and her friend AGAIN!
Cheyne's sister picked us up and we went back to his house.
I played Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for a little bit while he did some of his English report.
The we took so many pictures and listened to music.
I might go back to his house later today, somewhere around 5.
I have my cell so if you need me, call me!
Hope everyone has had a great 3 day weekend... I knw I have.

<3 ms. camera whore

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