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I haven't written in this thing for soooooo fucking long.
Valentine's Day is in 4 day's and I still don't have a valentine =(
Nothing really new here.
Cheyne and Kathryn came over the other day and we took so many picture's, but Cheyne's computer is being a bitch and won't let him load the picture's and post them.
So i'll post them as soon as I can.
Anyways, nothing really new here.
I have stiches in my back and they hurt like a bitch.
School's ok.
This semester I have Biology, World History, P.E., World Lit., Spanish 1B, and Geometry B.
Even though the new semester just started, so far i'm doing good.
I'm so bored right now.
I kinda want a bf, but then again I don't.
I really want a Valentine though.
On Valentine's Day i'm going to a friend's birthday party at Magiano's.
Should be fun.
I went to Lox Box for my Youth Group, it was kinda fun.
I should go...
I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!

<3 ms. all alone
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