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~Entry and another Random Quiz~

Ok so Tuesday night Ellisa, Justin, and Alexis came over and we watched Garden State.
Then Justin left, and Alexis and Ellissa slept over.
Wednesday we tryed to plan to go to the bowling allet and get a whole bunch of people to go, but that didn't work out.
So Ellissa, my sister, and I all went.... we were gunna meet up with Madison and she said 7:30, but no one was there so we left.
So Ellisa, my sister and I walked all the way over to Islands and so some food.
It took us 30 mins to walk there.
And her mom was supposed to pick us up at 9, so she called and asked if she could pick us up at 9:45, but she said 9:30.
So we sprinted back to the bowling alley and made it on time.
Madison almost didn't recognize my sister which was hilarious because she's knwin my sister since my sister was like 4 or 5.
Then we went back Ellissa's house and listened to The Killer's.
I talked to Sean while I was there.
Today I went and saw Closer with Justin.
It's a really confusing, but good movie.
Then we walked over to the Topanga mall and chilled there for a lil bit.
There's two really hott guy's that work in the mall.... one work's in the Vans store and the other work's in the book store.
So Justin's mom was supposed to pick us up at 8:30, but she called and said she couldn't cuz his dad parked in back of her car and he wasn't home and took his key's.
So she couldn't get out of the driveway.
So we ran around for a bit.
I took a shopping cart and tryed to run Justin over with it.
He tryed hitch hiking his way home, which was H I L A R I O U S!
I didn't want to call my dad cuz I knew he would be mad and he always drive's everyone every where.
So I said let's take the bus that goes right next to El Camino, but he didn't want to.
He ended up calling his mom, who then called my dad.
Then I came home, got yelled at for a bit, almost ran away, and talked to Sean.
Break's almost over which suck's.
How's everyone's last few day's of break?
Hopefully there good.
Well I should go.

<3 ms. cranky pants

1. First best friend: laura (she was my neighbor until she moved to spain)
2. First love: sean
3. First real kiss: sean
4. First screen name: poopnugget13 (don't ask)
5. First pet: bandit (dog), zito (dog), stanley (dog), and cuddles (cat). ia lso had some fish, but they died in the northridge earthquake in '94.
6. First car: hopefully a lexus is300

1. Last cigarette: 4 months ago
3. Last good cry: today
5. Last food consumed: top raman
6. Last crush: not saying
7. Last phone call: sean

1. Who is your best friend(s): alexis and justin
2. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend: no :'(

fashion shit:
1. Where are your favorite places to shop: american eagle, pacsun, red zone, hot topic, robinson's may, nordstrom's
2. Favorite item of clothes: my "my little pony" vintage t and my "sugar daddy's" vintage t

1. Do you do drugs: eh.....
2. What kind of shampoo do you use: pantine pro v
3. What are you most scared of: heights
4. What would you change about yourself: my weight

1. Colors: hot pink, black, red, and lime green
2. Foods: sushi
3. Subject in school: lunch and history
4. Animals: every animal
5. Sports: surfing, football, baseball (somewhat) snowboarding, and skateboarding
6. Movie: way too many!

Have you ever...:
1. Given anyone a bath: no
2. Smoked: yes
3. Made yourself throw-up: uh.... maybe
4. Skinny dipped: yes
5. Been in love: yes

Current status:
1. Clothes: black tank top, tinkerbell pj bottom's, and sock's (my pajama's)
2. Music: the killer's
3. Make-up: none
4. IMs: was ryan, but he signed off

last person:
1. Kissed: wish it was sean, but it was ryan
2. Hugged: justin
3. IMed: ryan
4. Last person who slept at your house: alexis and ellissa
5. Last persons house you slept at: alexis

1. In the morning I am: really tired
2. Love is: a great feeling
3. I dream about: lot's of thing's

1. 7 years ago: i was: very young
2. 4 years ago: i was in 7th grade
3. 3 years ago: i was in the 8th grade
4. 1 hour ago: watching tv
5. tomorrow: chilling
6. college: hopefully sarah laurnece art's college in new york
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